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Cool Comic of the Week..............

there weren't too many great comics this week (since x-men started sucking beyond belief). fortunately, there's some great ones coming out next week. crimson, danger girl (these will be my first of those two issues, look forward to it), gen 13: christmas caper (eh, might be cool), impulse (yeah!!!!), invisibles (just started reading, dont' understand it, oh well), legionnaires (LOVE the legion of the damned storyline), transmetropolitan (yeah!!!!), and young justice (eh, it's all right, as impulse. even if he's poorly portrayed). but i'm's this weeks cool comic!

Savage Dragon #67

well...this was my first issue into savage dragon-dom (recommended to me by the mighty bill burns). after reading this issue i promptly picked up savage dragon the trade paperback (the one of the mini series). i'm now pretty much obsessed with this comic. i even have that picture on the main page. the new layout is even inspired by the savage dragon website. i try not to make it to obvious though. :) nevertheless, this issue is about savage dragon being shrunk and...well...trying to not be shrunk. he also as to prevent several super-villains from becoming unshrunk. oh well...if you aren't reading this comic start. :)

# of impy cool points: 88


last week...


Legion of Super-Heroes #122

one of the best legion comics i've read in awhile. i actually liked the old creative team too (i just like corny legion stories i guess. :o) anyway, this was quite a compelling story. the blight have come down to earth and our hunting and converting everyone to one of the blight. there's some great moments with the chameleon in it. quite worth the dough. make sure to tell your friends so this great title doesn't get cancelled!

# of impy cool points: 91




JLA #36

ah...the first issue of the world war three storyline (which just happens to be morrison's last storyline for jla. <sniff>). ww3 promises to be one huge epic having guest-stars from every former jla member (i believe). in this ish we finally got to see a little bit of aztek. which is nice since i think they threw him off the team way too quickly. same goes for green arrow (connor hawke). this issue also shows the formation of the new injustice gang. which, in my opinion, is full of some cool characters. lex luthor, the new queen bee (who is quite interesting), prometheus (another interesting one), and the general (you guessed it, interesting). pick it up!

# of impy cool points: 96