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last updated: 11/21/99
* just updated

hello one and all!

welcome to the unveiling of the new layout of the 'site. this is ihop. that's short for international house of panca...i mean impulsefan's house of parodies. this is a site where i put up some of my comic book humor that's seems to be so abundant in my head.


this has some funny comic book quotes...which hasn't been updated in awhile...but it has some good stuff. 

then there's the fan fix section...which i'm really proud of. it features my un-real world and spidey learns to wrestle

also, the custom covers are proudly displayed on my page. years ago i used to put dialogue bubbles on 'em...but to do that it would take a long time to load and finish. so...i just put the dialogue below the pics of the covers. hope you enjoy.

finally, the rest of my page consists of the beatdown, contests, comic of the week and ebay. beatdown are animated fights between super-heroes. the contest naturally has contest. you can win cheese and/or other things. comic of the week gives me a soapbox to talk about my favorite comics that come out that week. ebay is basically a link to the ebay page that features what i'm currently selling.

oh yeah...then there's the link, disclaimer, and mail. those are pretty self-explanatory. oh well...i hope you enjoy my page. please e-mail with any questions/comments/suggestions. love to hear from ya'll.