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well, you may have thought you were coming to the ass-tral plane--well--here is: ihop!!! impulsefan's house of parodies! it's the same page, just a different name (and of course, the above graphic). 

for those of you just tuning in, this is sortuva comic humor page. mostly marvel. as a matter of fact, all marvel. that is, until i get some other content. i have plenty of marvel stuff for the time being. i'm perfectly all right with accepting submitted stuff...just click on the link to the left (the one that says: mail). or just e-mail to talk. since i love to here from all of you 4 visitors out there (hi mom, hi dad, hi grandma, hi uncle stu! j/k).

so, despite the cheesy name (hey, i enjoy it), sit back with your classic avenger's collection, cherry soda, and extra fudge chocolate-chip banana-rama ice cream and enjoy! 

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