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curtain 2..............

all righty is the next batch of custom covers. sit back and relax...or else.


I was just kidding Mary Jane! You don't look fat  in that dress at all!

This cold spaghetti is disgusting--yet at the same time--compelling.

Ant-Man: Go Avengers!
Hawkeye: We're the Avengers! Could've fooled me!

At least are villains don't suck as much as The Avengers'.

At least are villains don't suck as much as Fantastic Four's.

And so the Avengers sold out. Unfortunately, everyone found their Gap commercial "weird" and "confusing".

Galactus: This is just like the ant farm incident all over again! Argh!!

Uncle Ben always did say with great power comes great responsibility. That and wipe those damn Care Bears off the face of the earth!

Wolverine: I'm goin' to make you look worse then current president Richard Nixon.
1999 fan: Richard who?!?

Employee: Would you like to try our perfu--Aaahh!

Venom: Hm...Hershey Kiss'! 
Nova: Damn whoever concocted this ridiculous outfit.

Cyclops: Um...This isn't going to be anything like that "Eyes Wide Shut", is it?

Juggernaut: Candy gram for Thor! 
Ack! Damn you!

"Alien love"?!? Why'd you say "alien love"?!?

Mary Jane: Spider Man! Save me!
Spider Man: Screw you MJ! Pokemon starts in five minutes!

Shatterstar: Ar' maties! Trick-or-Treat!
Rictor: I can't take you anywhere!

Why's everyone naked? And why is that guys missing his hea--oh crap!

Conan: What the--? Even I didn't know I had a comic!!