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curtain 4.............. out. here are some more custom covers! hope ya like 'em!!!

X-51- Have you seen this boy?
Driver: Ah!!!!!!!!!
Nothing like homemade glue! C-3P0: I'm sorry! Having Anakin be my creator wasn't my idea! It was that damn Lucas! Damn you George Lucas!

Deadpool: <ack> The pain! The pain!

Mr. S: Sorry Dogface, but you must be punished when you pee all over the carpet. 

Silver Surfer: Oh no! It's Galactus!
Bill Gates: (to himself) heheh! I love this new suit!
Villain: That's it! Hand over our Rosie O' Donnell back this very instant!!!
Rosie O' Donnell: woof!
Gambit: Missed me! Missed me! Now you gotta kiss me--ah! Get off of me! Sgt. York: I told you Jeannie, we aren't like that!!!
Producer: Sorry, this is hardly the image we want for Melrose Place. Any girl in America: I agree! This is the greatest Backstreet Boys music video yet!!! Big Man: What did those kids mean by suck?!?
Red Queen: You just don't get it Big Man, you just don't get it.

Spider Man: Oh no! I've been swallowed by the lava lamp again!!!

Wolverine: C'mere ya little Taco Bell dog! Get into my belly!
Punisher: <sigh> I thought I told him to be subtle!

Cable: What do you mean by, "cliché"?

Kid #1: You got your Hawkeye in my Meteor!
Kid #2: You got your Meteor in my Hawkeye!

Be sure to check out the new adult-themed X-Men feature film, The X-Men Do Japan!!!

And so the X-Men where cursed with seven years bad luck. Don't believe me?!? Then go check out Magneto War! eck!